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Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, in the hour and year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. November 27th, 2019, would have been his 79th birthday. To commemorate Lee’s birthday,
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There are incredible benefits to children's martial arts, including improved physical health and self-confidence. Martial Arts can also teach children self-defense skills that can help them fight off
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Muay Thai The martial arts of warriors and kings The tradition of Muay Thai has a long history of rituals, superstitions and unique cultural views that are not widely used.  
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Once a year we aerate our assortment and make a larger inventory. If you want to secure our sensational prizes, just go to our Shop in the Sale Section (
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The Legend of the Curse of Jack O´Lantern is the origin of the custom of putting horrible pumpkin heads on Halloween. But Christian traditions have also had a lasting effect on the festival. The
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The great innovation for the martial arts and sports event area is called Dollarmur! In May 2019 it was finally time. The AGF (American Grappling Federation) came to Germany for the
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Are you one of the thousand people in the world to train with a Bo Bar? It is a widely used sports equipment for karate learners and for good reason. Exercising with a Bo bar is good for the
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While sport is about self-defense, it also embodies certain traits such as self-confidence, control, concentration and respect. There are many reasons why martial arts teaches respect,
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In our configurator sets, you have the opportunity to put together your matching products as the perfect set for your cardio martial arts training. Just click in and let us know what
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Anti-bullying campaigns are becoming more and more important as parents become more attuned to the difficulties facing children when they go to school or play games. While many parents believe that a