Your journey starts with respect!

25.09.2019 10:25

While sport is about self-defense, it also embodies certain traits such as self-confidence, control, concentration and respect. There are many reasons why martial arts teaches respect, including learning the value of yourself and others. Respect and martial arts go hand in hand and complement each other.


You have to understand it first. Respect shows positive feelings and attitudes to oneself and others and always takes into account the immediate environment. In a martial arts program, this is noticeable to all.

аIn the martial arts, teaching respect is one of the central principles that all students on and off the mat need to learn and do. This means bowing to instructors and opponents in competitions and treating everyone with decency, humility and kindness. In this sense, respect and martial arts are synonymous.

Students are taught to bow to their teachers at the beginning and end of the lesson to pay tribute to their leadership qualities and abilities. This is important as students learn to recognize that people in higher positions always and necessarily deserve the respect that their work reaches this position. Just as one should always respect an elder, martial arts students do the same with their teachers.

This must be deeply rooted in the students from day one. When you learn this in the classroom, you value others and yourself in the world, whether at school, at home, or at work. Therefore, martial arts teaches the importance of respect as an integral part.

No matter how intense a competition or training session may be, appreciating the people around you is the key to a safe and healthy environment. This is shown by adhering to the rules. Through these actions, students learn that people and they deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of their ability or situation.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of respect and martial arts is the ability to value yourself as a person. As you complete your education as a child or adult, you learn to never underestimate yourself. This increases your own self-esteem and self-confidence. Children and adults know how to treat others with kindness and decency and to stand up for themselves and others if necessary. All of this is part of the martial arts beliefs.

By understanding why martial arts teaches respect, you increase your ability to grow as a person. You learn to confidently enter self-defense skills as someone who is able to take care of yourself, friends and family. Over time you will understand how to control your mind and body and focus on the positive aspects to progress and develop.

Martial arts is a field of life that remains faithful to the belief that all people should be treated with decency and respect, and that you find that your life becomes richer. In this way, you can develop your mind, body and soul into a unity that goes beyond the difficulties and injustices that you often encounter in life.


Through all aspects of training and competitions, the martial arts convey a deep sense of respect to each participant. Students bow to teachers and others, compete fairly, and learn to apply those teachings to the world outside of training. Martial arts is more than just learning how to beat and kick self-defense. Rather, it's about growing as a human.

The reasons why martial arts teach respect vary, but the crux of it is that students learn to respect others and themselves. Respect and martial arts are so closely linked that they are hardly separable. If you are always working to be respectful, you will also be able to apply the lessons you have learned in martial arts education to your daily life and thereby be a better person.

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