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16.10.2019 12:01

The Legend of the Curse of Jack OŽLantern is the origin of the custom of putting horrible pumpkin heads on Halloween. But Christian traditions have also had a lasting effect on the festival.

The Halloween festival, celebrating more and more children and young people in creepy costumes on October 31, was brought to the United States by Irish emigrants in the 19th century, where the feast gradually unfolded its usual character. Halloween only came to Germany as an American import after 1945. It has been experiencing a special boom in Germany since the marketing experts of the carnival industry discovered it in the early 1990s.

The name Halloween derives from the English "All Hallows, Eve (ning)", the eve of All Saints Day. On the 1st of November, the deceased saint is remembered in the Catholic Church, the day after, All Souls, all the deceased.

We hid a pumpkin at one of our products from our webshop
If you manage to find it, take a screenshot and post it on our Facebook page ( .

The first person placing the order will receive a 100, - Euro gift voucher!
After the pumpkin has been found, it is hidden again and everything starts again. We play the big raffle over 3 rounds.

The action runs until Halloween until 31.10.2019!
Good luck!

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