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08.10.2019 14:12

The great innovation for the martial arts and sports event area is called Dollarmur!

In May 2019 it was finally time.

The AGF (American Grappling Federation) came to Germany for the first time. In May the tournament took place in Berlin, which was supported by the Maximum Martial Arts Distribution GmbH and Dollamur Sport Surfaces. The tournament loan boards provided a great flexi-roll mat experience for the participants in the GI and NOGI.

The AGF is like our customer NAGA (North American Grappling Association) the bigplayer in North America in grappling events.

The Maximum Martial Arts as brand partner of Dollamur and Century Martial Arts supports this tournament and the Grappling Sport.

Are you planning and organizing a tournament and need professional sports mats? Here is the solution:

Take full advantage of the Dollamur Flexi-Roll (R) mats - with our exclusive rental mats.

Get the flexible rolling mat system that offers unprecedented configurations for your event with Dollamur's patented Flexi-Connect (R) Velcro technology. Whether a combat area with or without a warmup area, four combat areas, or even eight battlegrounds in row, or next to each other and warmup areas - you can individually design your event and the offer suitable for your sport, seminar and the planned number of participants.

The Dollamur Flexi-Roll Rental Mats and MaximumMartialArts Leihmatten Service are supported by CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS - World Martial Arts Leader since 1976 and OLIMP Sport Nutrition - Born in the Gym.

Your exclusive advantages with this flexible system:

  • Flexible surface solution thanks to Flexi-Connect by Dollamur
  • The fastest assembly and disassembly on the market - 300m in less than 30 minutes

Save time and staff!

  • Reduce the risk of injury thanks to the seamless interface with Flexi-Connect
  • Clean solution - hygenic thanks to Bioproof pretreated vinyl surface by Dollamur
  • Upgrade your event with the mats and offer a high-class experience for your participants and guests
  • Full service from a single source by MaximumMartialArts: Pick up the mats from our central warehouse in Dortmund or use our optional delivery and assembly service for your event

These are the Dollamur Flexi-Roll Rental Mats:

  • Up to 8 combat surfaces, each with 7.2m x 8.0m outer dimensions
  • The two warmup surfaces (2x 2 rolls) have the dimension of 3,6m x 8,0m respectively
  • In the maximum variant of the construction one comes to 518.40 square meters. ASK FOR CONFIGURATION POSSIBILITIES!
  • Red combat area framing with 6x6m outside and 4x4m inside suitable for different styles and occasions
  • Smooth vinyl surface
  • Including all known benefits of Dollamurs successful Flexi-Roll Sports Mats with Flexi-Connect (R)
  • 3cm mat thickness - suitable for karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, etc., grappling, luta livre, seminars, kumite, exams, etc., depending on the surface. ATTENTION: Not suitable for judo, wrestling and other sports with a high proportion of drop & throw techniques , We are happy to advise you.

Let us advise you and we will configure the right package based on the rental days, your event, logistics and your needs.
We are happy to create an individual offer for you and your event.

Dollamur Leihmatten by MaximumMartialArts - tested on many events, such as WKU German Karate Championship 2016 and World Martial Arts Games 2016.

This is the great innovation for the sports event!
Feel free to contact us! Your maximum martial arts team!

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