Tae Bo® Nation

What is Tae Bo®? Learn from Master Billy Blanks!

Billy Blanks, Godfather of Tae Bo®, uses CENTURY's high-quality products for his Boom Boxing concept. Tae Bo is different from other martial arts fitness concepts in combining fitness and martial arts moves into rhythmic beats. Of course, this also characterizes the training, outfit and applied basic techniques. To complete a realistic Tae Bo® training, you need appropriate functional equipment. Certain Tae Bo exercises are trained with special wraps. These Tae Bo Wraps as well as other useful Tae Bo® Workout products can be purchased from us.

You are already a coach or would like to be?

Agilo Fight Sport is the official mastermind behind Tae Bo® Nation in Europe. There you will learn everything that brings you closer to this powerful sport. The company's goal is to strengthen the name and sport of Tae Bo® in Europe by training coaches, offering workshops and organizing events. They all do so with passion, depth of knowledge and experience for the Tae Bo® community, which is set to thrive and thrive.
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