Review Pietro Di Rauso Century Centurion Gloves

02.09.2019 10:51

My Century Centurion gloves
by Pietro Di Rauso

Hy guys, today I’m gonna talk about these gloves. First of all, they are so beautiful, high quality product and Bordeaux/ black colored. In particular, on the top there is a precurved foam able to protect your knuckles from your strongher punches. Above all, we will note the extreme extension of the protection along the finghers and the inch too, so you’ll have the total protection of the hand.

In the inner part of the glove, we’ll note a sort of handle, that is a particular feature of this product and it is very important since it will address the closing of the punch and the shot. For what concern the lock, we’ll find a very long wraparound leather strap and a double closing. This closing make your wrists safer. Then, you just have to try them!

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