RTL Supertalent: Samira Kindermann performs!

20.10.2017 17:34

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This girl is seriously aiming for the TOP!
She became WKU World champion 2017, has recently been promoted to the next belt level, and already trains like the professionals! 
In school she earns excellt grades besides hard training and a busy schedule!
She is #Supertalent , absolutely charming, and over all so admirable for what she does in her age!💗
Watch #SamiraKindermann at #Supertalent2017, this saturday 20.15 on RTL!

At that show, she is performing in CENTURY uniforms, kicking a CENTURY Bobby Bully and makes her whole performance on our Dollamur Flexi-Roll rental mat, which made it so easy for her, us and RTL: Delivery, setup, performance, take off the mast, all in 30 minutes - WOW!


#TeamSamira #youngchampion #MaximumMartialArts #centuryeurope #Teamsamonte

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