Olimp as new exhibitor at the Martial Arts Supershow Europe

10.05.2018 13:25

Olimp Sport Nutrition - Sports nutrition at the highest level

Olimp Sport Nutrition has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality supplements. Since the company was founded, Olimp Sport Nutrition stands for quality that knows no compromises.

Since 1990, we have been producing our own product line to be live in the development and manufacture of our dietary supplements. In the past decade alone, we have invested more than 80 million Euros to improve the efficiency of our sports nutrition, which is manufactured under strict pharmaceutical guidelines. The more effective our nutritional supplements are, the happier our customers are.

Our long-term cooperation with the Frankfurt Gym “MMA Spirit”, whose top fighters are known internationally, proves that our sports nutrition is well received by martial artists in particular. In order to improve their performance and get the maximum out of their bodies, the athletes use not only in training, but also before the competition the broad product Olimp portfolio. Above all, proteins, BCAAs and products such as Alkagen and Endugen from the Endurance Line compounds, have become indispensable here.

Among the best athletes is Daniel Weichel, who fights for the title at the Bellator MMA on July 14, 2018. His fighting spirit and stamina have long since brought him to the top.


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