Martial Arts Supershow Europe 2018 - UFAF (United Fighting Arts Federation)

23.04.2018 11:26

We are proud to announce: UFAF by Grandmaster Chuck Norris is a new exhibitor to the Martial Arts SuperShow 18 Europe!
Get in touch with the new UFAF programs for your school, like Chuck Norris Systems, UFAF BJJ and UFAF Krav Maga.

Presented by the European regional chairman Kenneth Fjeld from Norway, the Martial Arts SuperShow Europe is able to offer the program under United Fighting Arts Federation and Grandmaster Chuck Norris to the European market, through the show and MAIA Europe network.
The UFAF is offering their programs to schools and students who wish to learn the arts and/or wish to represent Grandmaster Chuck Norris thru UFAF in their region/country. If you visit the SuperShow you can profit from unique offers to be a part of the UFAF in your country.

United Fighting Arts Federation was founded in the early 1970s by Grandmaster Chuck Norris and the organization is today stronger than ever, offering training, seminars, school owner programs and together with the MAIA program from Century the business side of running a martial arts school can also be explored for great potential and opportunities.
The great programs and arts, that can be studied thru a membership of UFAF are:

  • Chuck Norris System by Grandmaster Chuck Norris - a traditional style with foundational techniques, advanced techniques, katas, Grandmaster Chuck Norris fighting techniques and self defense applications.
  • UFAF BJJ by Professor David Dunn, a BJJ Black Belt under Jean-Jacques Machado.
  • UFAF Krav Maga Force by Laurian Lapadatu.

UFAF are now seeking school owners throughout Europe for program representation. This is a lifetime opportunity to be linked with one of the very best and legendary martial artists, that school owners in Europe should not miss. You can make agreements to secure your territory where no one else can promote Chuck Norris System, UFAF BJJ and/or UFAF Krav Maga Force. Not only a business opportunity, but a huge chance for personal growth thru the affiliation with a true legend in Martial Arts, Grandmaster Chuck Norris.

Kenneth Fjeld will be your partner for this topics at our MA SuperShow. Get your ticket now!

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