Martial Arts Supershow Europe 2018 - Speaker Kenneth Fjeld

23.04.2018 11:14

A new speaker from Norway – Kenneth Fjeld is representing the UFAF in Europe on our show!
Get on the mat with Kenneth and talk with him about your UFAF membership.

The Martial Arts SuperShow Europe is proud to become “European” more and more – This new speaker comes the long way from Norway to work with you upon the UFAF school programs. Kenneth Fjeld has been training Martial Arts for 32 years in a row and have had a few different teachers over the years. He started off his career with Shotokan Karate and Ryukyu Kobujutsu and achieved his first Black Belt in Shotokan when he was 16 years old. Today with 43 years he has Black Belts and/or certifications in many different Martial Arts. 
He is currently a 4th degree Black Belt in the Chuck Norris System, working on his 5th degree to achieve this summer. He has received invitation to receive his Masters degree (5th) in Chuck Norris System this coming July.

Besides that he is a Black Belt in Shotokan and has a Purple belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu (working on his brown). Beside these belts he has a lot of certifications:

  • Level 3, UFAF Krav Maga Force, working towards his 4th level (out of 5).
  • Pambuan Arnis certified instructor in Knife, stick, double stick, empty hand and stick sparring.
  • Certified instructor of Professor John Wills Alpha MMA program.
  • Certified instructor of Combat Kuntao under Grandmaster Samuel Scott.

His instructors and mentors are currently:

  • Grandmaster Chuck Norris
  • Professor John Bernard Will - Will/Machado BJJ
  • Grandmaster Samuel Scott - Combat Kuntao
  • Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan - Pambuan Arnis
  • Shihan Richard Norton - ZenDoKai
  • Laurian Lapadato - Krav Maga Force

Through his training he has also been involved with Norwegian television series and international movies, as a martial arts advisor on the set.
The European headquarter of UFAF is in Norway, approx. 45 minutes outside Oslo, where seminars can be made – but Dortmund in Germany will give you the chance on the Show.
Kenneth Fjeld is excited to have you at the UFAF booth and on the mat.

Save the Date: 11.-12. August and get yout Ticket now:

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