Is self-discipline really so important?

13.11.2019 10:09

There are incredible benefits to children's martial arts, including improved physical health and self-confidence. Martial Arts can also teach children self-defense skills that can help them fight off rackets and protect themselves from violent attacks. But more than fighting against others, martial arts teach children to become masters of self-control, how to control thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions.

Why self-discipline is important in youth

Today's adolescents face many challenges in their home, school, and society, including violence, drugs, mobbing, peer pressure, and much, much more. Schools and parents can try to overcome these challenges, or they can try to correct problem behavior.

Recent studies show that those who participate in martial arts for children are better able to learn correct behavior, become more sociable and take better care of themselves in the classroom. In particular, one study found that martial arts can give violent youth the ability to find their way through troubled family relationships.

For many young people who have no trusting relationship with their parents, martial arts provide a safe haven. Many students regard their teachers as father or mother figures. As they learn one of the traditional disciplines, adolescents also learn to respect others as they begin to focus on, understand, and control their inner emotions.

These self-discipline skills are critical to adolescents exposed to youth, school, family, and other challenging environments. Here are seven ways martial arts can really help children:

1. Set goals

Many martial arts for children include a belt classification system that usually starts with a white belt indicating the lowest skill level and black the highest. This ranking encourages students to work on the next level to learn how to set and achieve a goal. Through the habit of setting goals, students learn to work for and achieve other goals in their lives. These goals may include obtaining a high school diploma or attending a college.

2. Improve focus

Children learn how to concentrate their energy on doing tasks such as splitting a board or hitting a target. You need to focus on performing these seemingly simple actions with the right martial arts form. Practicing this kind of concentration can also help them focus on doing homework, reading tasks, and more.

3. Learn discipline

Instructors of youth martial arts usually do not allow chatting or inattention in the classroom and quickly cause bad behavior. By introducing discipline in the martial arts arena, students learn to pay attention to the instructor and not behave badly. This good behavior is usually transferred to the school, where the students often get better grades.

4. Strengthen efforts

Students are constantly encouraged to make a little more effort to learn and practice the arts by punching harder, kicking, and challenging themselves. This atmosphere of encouragement to seek more and more creates the conditions for students to expect more of themselves and to push them to a better understanding of their potential.

5. Learn respect

Respect is a crucial concept in children's martial arts where students learn to respect their teachers, opponents and other classmates as well as themselves. Trainers take the time to teach students almost every lesson how important it is to show respect to their parents, teachers and others.

6. Strengthening self-confidence

Over time, students begin to notice improvements in their physical strength and to understand that they are learning skills and methods to respond to dangerous or stressful situations. This realization strengthens their self-confidence and influences how they deal with others in their lives.

7. Help with memorization

Martial arts involve a series of forms or movements that must be performed in a specific order. Regardless of whether it is self-defense or combat, students must remember the order in which they perform it. Practicing this style of memorizing can also pay off for children learning classroom tests. Especially children with attention or learning difficulties can benefit from it.

Enjoy lifetime benefits

Combat sports for children offer a variety of important physical benefits, but they can also help children develop a healthy mind and healthy emotions. The physical and mental skills taught in martial arts education for children can serve as a basis for learning the much greater capacity for self-discipline. This property will serve you well for a lifetime.

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