02.08.2018 12:29

The almost 80-year-old is the bearer of the black belt in Ju-Jutsu. He likes to emphasize that he had derived much of his power and discipline from this sport while he was still active. Heino is honored for his life's work as part of the Martial Arts SuperShow, receiving the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA).

HEINO and Martial Arts?
You could say, Heino has been in showbiz for so long and has experienced everything - so he has the "black belt" of the music industry. But that is not the reason why he, as one of the most famous German celebrities, will be the star guest on the stage of the Martial Arts SuperShow Europe in the Dortmund Westfalenhalle on 12.08.2018. HEINO beside national and international martial arts professionals - this has never happened before...
HEINO will be honored with a very special AWARD, given only once a year in Las Vegas at the Martial Arts SuperShow USA, to personalities who have a history of martial arts in their live. HEINO will reveal a capital of his life here in the Martial Arts SuperTalkShow, which had remained undiscovered until now. At the Martial Arts Super Show Europe in Dortmund he tells exclusively about it and is looking forward to meet his fans and friends.

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