German Wrestling Federation (DRB) and Dollamur Sport Surface announce new partnership!

15.10.2018 16:15

The German Wrestling Federation (Deutscher Ringer Bund/DRB) and DOLLAMUR Sport Surface announce the new chapter in the partnership for wrestling mats. After the initial meetings and the first “roll-out” at the Grand Prix Dortmund in August 2018, the partners proclaims that the partnership between one of the largest wrestling associations under the UWW roof and the 1996 in Texas founded sports mat developers and manufacturers, is a special step.

The partnership, which was initially agreed until 2024, was accompanied and by Dollamur’s German partner, the Dortmund-based company Maximum Martial Arts Distribution GmbH. As the representative of Dollamur in Germany and other European countries, Maximum Martial Arts GmbH will be responsible for the operational aspects of the partnership, such as the tournament logistics of the wrestling mats with and for the DRB.

Dollamur is licensed by the UWW. The partner of the US Wrestling Federation can offer a variety of high-quality performance sports mats for clubs, associations and athletes.

"This partnership is something completely new for the German Wrestling Sport and will be followed with great interest also in Europe. As a company based in Dortmund, Germany, we are very proud to be the bridge between the DRB and the US manufacturer Dollamur, and to be able to supply the German championships, state associations, with mat products, which are new still new for many wrestlers, through our logistics infrastructure", explains Markus Liedtke, Managing Director of Maximum Martial Arts. "Wrestling in Germany faces many challenges, and we would like to thank Manfred Werner, the entire DRB board, and Karl-Martin Dittmann, General Secretary, for trying something new with this step," continues Markus Liedtke.

Even now, the DRB, the national associations, the clubs and gyms as members of the DRB, can benefit from the partnership when it comes to the purchase or rent of a Dollamur wrestling mats. After the World Championships in Macon (juniors) and Paris (women / men) on which the Dollamur Flexi-Roll mats were successfully used, championships in Germany will be equipped with the high-quality and safe sport mats from 2019 onwards. Even in this year Dollamur 6x6m mats are in use on some school competitions.

Made by Athletes for Athletes™, Dollamur mats are preferred by hundreds of top-level sport competitions globally, including national championships and Olympic-qualifying tournaments. Beside USA, Dollamur is working closely with a lot federation in countries like Canada, Japan, France, Singapore, Ukraine or Belarus.

The company holds official partnerships with USA Wrestling, United World Wrestling, USA Gymnastics, USA Judo, North American Grappling Association, Fit Body Boot Camps and 14 US high school state wrestling championships, among others. Hollywood stars, professional athletes and master sports instructors world-wide rely on Dollamur mats for their practice regimens in home, training and competition settings.

In Germany, the Dollamur partner Maximum Martial Arts has also been active as a partner of the German Grappling League / DGL for more than 5 years and has Dollamur Flexi-Roll mats available in the German warehouse, which are transported to many European tournaments and competitions.

Easy-to clean and designed to fit any athletic room, the products meet and exceed impact tests, including ASTM F1081 and F355.

Dortmund, Germany – Fort Worth, TX, USA October 2018

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