Flexi-Roll® Home Mats

Mats For Everyone(TM) Train anytime. Anywhere. The Flexi-Roll® Home Mat is the best mat for quick, easy set-up. The Flexi-Roll® Personal Exercise Mat is Often imitated but never duplicated(TM) Now you can have your very own Flexi-Roll® mat at home for training and practice usage. The innovative Flexi-Roll® feature makes use and storage easy. Just unroll anywhere and you have your own training area.

Train anytime - anywhere

Jacob Pinto appears to defy gravity with his jump kicks, combinations, spins and tricks. Jacob has won the largest tricking events and martial arts tournaments worldwide including RedBull Kick it in Korea. 

Jacob?s focus and drive is very inspiring. He is the definition of being Ambitious. Give this kid a challenge and he will take it head on, beat it and add his own style to it before handing it back to you. He trains hard with a serous attitude and confidence that lands him mad respect from peers and in the winner?s circle. His style, attitude and performances have landed him on T.V., movies and as a clothing model and DJ.

In between all of this serious winning, he will either be telling you a joke or making you laugh. Jacob is one of the coolest martial arts athletes we know. #HyperMartialArts #MartialArtsAthletes #Tricking #MartialArtsTricking #JacobPinto #HyperTrickSchool #HyperProTraining #dollamur

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