Simply world class! Fight with our "Gameness" products to the end!

12.07.2019 12:16

Gameness is one of the world's most famous manufacturers of kimonos and training clothes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Very popular for its high quality and worn by many professional athletes, be it during training or at competitions.

The logo with the pit bull is legendary, and known to all who follow this sport. Gamness associates those breeds of dogs that are specially bred for combat and are characterized by never giving up until the fight is over.

And here's our GAMENESS products:

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Gameness Air Gi

The Gameness Air Gi is one of the most popular jiu-jitsu gis of all time. The Air is one of the lightest Jiu-Jitsu Gis on the market and is ideal for training in hot climates when you need to save weight at your next tournament, or just as a comfortable gi for every day. Both professionals and amateurs will see the Air on the mats at every local tournament and world championship. Our simply designed branding keeps this Gi simple and easy. The Air Gi jacket features a seamless 350 gram Comb Weave fabric, reinforcements in the right places, double seams on all patches, a sturdy collar with a foam wrapped inside with rip-stop fabric that dries quickly. The pants consist of a military rip-stop fabric and a technical rope with the correct stretch to keep the pants safe. The knees are reinforced, which makes them feel good and last longer. In addition, a drawstring 4-loop system that holds the pants in place when rolling. The 10 oz cotton-polyester blend is lighter and stronger than other Gi-Pant fabrics.

Gameness belt for adults

Gameness Jiu-Jitsu belts are known to be very sturdy and of high quality. These premium belts retain their colors for many years.

Gameness Air Pro GI

The Gameness Air Pro is the next evolution of ultralight Jiu-Jitsu Gis. The Air pro is equipped with a 350 GSM jacket that is incredibly lightweight, soft and competitive. The Air Pro is a great way to help you gain weight for the next tournament or as a gi for everyday training for those looking for a lighter gi that feels great. The design of the Air Pro is super clean, with embroidery that adorn the jacket and pants. The pants are equipped with 6 belt loops and a drawstring and made of 8oz ripstop nylon, which makes the gi ultralight and durable.

Gameness short sleeve professional rashguard

The short sleeved Rashguard by Gameness is equipped with comfortable and strong flat seams and a graphically colored graphic that never peels off or loses its color. It is also made of moisture-wicking fabric.

Gameness G shorts

The Gameness G board shorts are made of stretch material and provide maximum freedom of movement. The advanced fabric moves during training and removes moisture. The shorts have a hook and a loop closure, and a drawstring. These shorts are the perfect complement to the Gameness Pro Rash Guard.

Gameness logo sweater

The Gameness Pullover Hoodie is incredibly comfortable. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester with a brushed lining, this premium hoodie makes this hoodie extra soft and comfortable to wear. The sweater has a kangaroo pocket and logo accents at the front and back.

Gameness Pearl pants

These pants are made of a cotton polyester blended fabric, which sets a new standard in terms of comfort and durability. These pants are part of the Gameness Pearl Gi, but are also perfect for any other Gi top. The 12 oz trousers have a high durability and are embroidered with a G logo on the thigh of the pants.

Gameness Flex Board Shorts

The new Gameness Flex Board Shorts are the next generation in a combination of the comfort and durability of a MMA shorts. Each pair of shorts is made from an advanced 4-way HyperFlex material that makes these shorts ultra lightweight and moisture-wicking. The Gameness Flex Board Shorts have a 10cm side slit for greater freedom of movement and an MMA-inspired Velcro closure.

Gameness sailor backpack

This unique looking backpack by Gameness offers the perfect way to carry up to two BJJ gis!
The bag's sturdy canvas cotton provides a distinctive look and durability, while the padded back and shoulder straps make it easy to carry.
A backpack in the look of a duffel bag.

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