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06.11.2019 10:10

Your fitness and your vitality are the most important for us. In order to be able to act always in your sense, we are glad about your opinion. Please write us your wishes, suggestions and suggestions concerning our products and company. We are pleased about praise but also constructive criticism. Your opinion is important to us!

With our Dollamur wrestling mats you can also train at home and fight like the Volllprofis. These are mats for everyone!

Dollamur FLEXI-ROLL home wrestling mat with marking 3m x 3m Navy Blue
Train at any time. All over. - Rings everywhere!

ATTENTION: Partner / Association and members of the German Wrestling Federation (DRB): Give us your membership number and you will receive a 10% discount on this product!

The Flexi-Roll® Home Mat is the best mat for a quick and easy set-up.

The Flexi-Roll® Home Mat was often imitated, but never copied. Now everyone can work out on their own Flexi-Roll® mat at home, whether in the basement, in the living room, in the garage or outside. The features make using and stowing so easy. Just roll out the mat, and you have your training surface anywhere, anytime.

Practice at home or on the road with a lightweight, easy-to-use FLEXI-Connect® mat. The Dollamur 3x3m in 3cm (10'x 10'x1 1/4 ") mat has the same excellent performance, high quality foam and antimicrobial vinyl finish as the mats you come in and comes with a one-year limited warranty, available with or without a wrestling circle and start marks.

The Flexi-Roll® function makes use and storage easy; The FLEXI-Connect® function eliminates the need for adhesive tape! Just roll it all over and you have your own FLEXI-Connect® training area. Unroll the mat and each section is less than 43 cm (17 ") in diameter, only 60" (1.52 m) in size, and weighs 20 lbs (9 kg) each. (2 roles)

Note: 3x3m (10'x10') mat consists of two sections of 1.5m (5') wide x 3m (10`) in length with integrated Velcro connection. The Dollamur Flexi-Roll® Home Mat is available in the size 1.50 x 3.00 meters, in 3 cm mat thickness and has the same performance, the same high quality foam and durable vinyl surface, as the Dollamur mats made of Dojos and knows about events. Available in red, black, navy blue and royal blue as smooth (smooth) surface in 3cm. Surface treated with Bio-Pruf TM.

NOTE: Product consists of 2 packages!

"This is the perfect mat for the home. High quality, small price and very portable."
- Mike Swain / 4 times Judo World Olympian & Olympic Coach


Who wants to train professionally on the mats comes naturally to ours
Matt socks are not over.

They are suitable for all martial arts and prevent on different mat surfaces the possibly occurring mat fire. With these new mat socks you will not lose the grip on the mat in any second. The mat socks are made from a comfortable nylon blend and a textured neoprene sole to give you good traction on the mat. With these socks you also support your trainers, who may get cold feet after prolonged standing - the mat socks do not have built-in heating, but they prevent them from cooling down too quickly on the mat. Access!

"The new mat socks from Century - simply great!
In the winter you can get cold feet as an instructor, and where earlier (also special) martial arts shoes left stripes on the mats, there are no more left. And since our next investment Dollamur are matte, we wanted to test this in advance - and as I said test passed! "
Oliver Drexler. Multiple World Champion of WAKO and ITF


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