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The innovation to the Martial Arts and Sport Event Sector!
Get all advantages of the Dollamur Flexi-Roll(R) mats - with this exclusive Rental Mats.
Use the flexible roll mat system, which comes with the patent-pending Flexi-Connect(R) velcro technique by Dollamur and allows you a lot of configurations for your event. Chose from many possibilities, for example 1 fight area with or without connected warm up area, 4 fight areas, or even 8 fight areas in a row, 2x 4 side by side plus 2 warm up areas... You decide about your event corresponding to your way of sport, your seminar and your planned number of competitors.

These Dollamur Flexi-Roll rental mats and the rental mats service/logistics by MaximumMartialArts is powered by CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS - World Martial Arts Leader since 1976 and OLIMP Sport Nutrition - Born in the Gym.
(Logo artwork of our partners are embedded on our mats)

Your exclusive advantages with this system:
* Flexible surface solutions with Flexi-Connect(R) by Dollamur
* The fastest Setup and tear down on the market - 300 square meters in less than 30 minutes. Save time and manpower!
* Reduce the injury risk with this "seamless" Flexi-Connect surface
* Clean solution - durable and anti-microbial bioproof treat vinyl surface
* Raise your event to a high-quality level for your guests and attendees with this mats
* Full-service from one hand by MaximumMartialArts: You can pickup your mats at our central warehouse in Dortmund, or use our full-service with optional delivery and setup service. Ask us about your event!

These are the Dollamur Flexi-Roll(R) Rental Mats:
* Up to 8 fight areas with each 7,2m x 8,0m outer mat dimensions.
* Red square fight area frame with 6x6m outer and 4x4m inner dimensions for different styles and occasions.
* The both Warmup areas (2x 2 Rolls) have a size of each 3,6m x 8,0m.
* In the maximum possibility of setup you can get to 518.40 m² of mat area. Various setup options.
* Smooth vinyl Dollamur surface.
* Inclusive all known advantages of Dollamur´s successful Flexi-Roll(R) mats with Flexi-Connect(R).
* 3cm mat thickness - depending on the underground surface usable for Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, etc., Grappling, Luta Livre, seminars, Kumite, exams, etc. ATTENTION: Not to sue for Judo, Wrestling and other sports with high impact techniques. Let us give you a recommendation.

We will consult you and help to find out what configuration is best for your event - so let us know about the rental duration, your event, logistics and your sport. Please ask about an offer for your event!

Dollamur Rental Mats MaximumMartialArts - tested and approved on many events like, WKU German Karate Championship 2016, World Martial Arts Games 2016, etc.


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