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Dollamur has developed any mat to suit your needs. Makers of the Swain Tatami Mats, & the Flexi-RollŽ, Dollamur bring cleanliness and safety to your dojo.

Dollamur, Inventor of the Flexi-RollŽ system
In 2001 Dollamur invented a manufacturing process for segmenting foam rolls so they could be rolled with the vinyl or carpet side facing up. This revolutionary process allowed one individual toeasily roll up a section of mat for transport or storage.

Specifications of Dollamur Flexi-Roll mats:
Heavy Duty Vinyl flame laminated to high density Dollamur foam.
6` wide Rolls up to 84 feet in length (maximum lengt and width).

Comes in 3cm , 4cm, and 5cm thicknesses:
You can choose from "IJF" and "Non-IJF" variations.
IJF (International Judo Federation) mats are mostly used in schools that are working with IJF guidelines or competitions. Non-IJF mats are used in MMA schools, mainly. The difference is in the layer structure and combination. Non-IJF mats are combined of 2 or 3 foam layers with 2.2lb density (for 4 and 5cm) and IJF mats have 4 (3x 3lb + 1x 4lb) layers for 4cm or 5 layer (2x 2lb + 3x 3lb) according to the IJF guidlines to be approved.
The foam color is charcoal for the european market (Non-IJF). This color is more dirt resistant.

See colour variations of tatami and smooth surface down below...

FLEXI-CONNECT (TM) - The best Velcro way to connect your mats.
Seamless vinyl tape (transparent or in specific color and surface)

Manufactured in the USA, Fort Worth Texas

Flexi-Roll is a high-quality  mat that is affordable and easy to install.
One complete and sealed surface
Anti-microbial vinyl

Treated with Bio-Pruf(TM) antimicrobials to guard against mold, mildew, fungi, and odor-causing microorganisms.
5 year full warrantee
Custom Logos
Easy to custom cut and install
Exceptional Shock Absorption - Retains its thickness and will never hardens

Price per square meter !!! Weight per squaremeter.
Shipping costs have to calculated according to the mat volume.
Availibility: Currently 10-14 weeks from order receiving.
Whether you have 10,000 sq feet or 1,000 sq feet, Dollamur and CENTURY-EUROPE
can help you build and customize your gym with custom mat colors and sizes to meet all of your specific needs.

Tatami vs. Smooth

Tatami - The Dollamur Martial Arts Tatami Surface is generally reserved for the "stand up" or "traditional gi (uniform)" Martial Arts. The tatami surface has the traditional look and will offer better traction for stand up arts such as Muay Thai kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwondo, Aikido, Judo and many more.

Smooth - The Dollamur Martial Arts Smooth Surface is often referred to as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) surface. Most athletes who prefer the smooth surface typically do not wear the traditional Gi during training. The smooth surface offers less mat burns when training grappling arts on the ground.

Dollamur Flexi-Roll mats are available in the following colors:


Note: Vinyl Colors on this page are shown for example only and are not meant to be exact. Actual vinyl colors may differ.

Note: Tatami Colors on this page are shown for example only and are not meant to be exact. Actual Tatami colors may differ.

Dollamur Martial Arts Mats are Made by Athletes for Athletes(TM).


Product weight: 4,50 Kg

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