Die Einzigartigkeit von Jungshin Fitness

14.12.2017 16:42

You matter! This is the message rooted within the cutting edge, modern-day fitness experience called Jungshin Fitness. This full-body, rotational workout uses wooden practice swords, combined with Eastern martial arts and modern conditioning techniques, to offer a playful, dynamic, warrior way of exercise. This legendary tactile tool helps to increase mental focus and the ability to be radically present, even as you're kicking, jumping, stretching and targeting your core. 

Jungshin literally means, "focused-mind," and promotes both the neurological and physical benefits of mindful meditation in easy-to-follow patterns that provide quick, body-mind benefits over short periods of time. Created by Annika Kahn, four­time world grand champion in the Korean art of kuksoolwon and competitive athlete in swimming and rowing, Jungshin offers a comprehensive workout. lt offers the ancient benefits of the East with the functional exercises of the West, to give the practitioner radical health benefits following the way of the sword.
What sets Jungshin apart from other forms of movement that elisit mindfulness, strength, rhythm and power, is its intimate connection to directional momentum training, and the dynamic play between aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The sword becomes an extension of the body's natural range of motion, thereby creating space within the body to breath better, move easily and burn calories efficiently. Jungshin uses the sword as the momentum tool due to its accurate and aerodynamic construction. lt makes it easier for the body to engage every muscle of the body in effective ways. lt is founded upon an eight-by­eight system of carefully-crafted stances and strikes. Together, they form 64 fun, warrior- like and energy-building exercises designed to energize and optimize your body from the inside out.
Each stance and strike offers precise stimulation to the organs, a physiological benefit created by Jungshin's directional­momentum style. Former vice president of 24 Hour Fitness and current owner of Yeswereback, Richard Boyd, says, "Jungshin is a well-balanced and well-designed workout that uses the muscles in the body, trains the brain to a high degree, and moves the body in multiple planes of motion to create the best effects on organs, connective tissue and the body overall." Jungshin is becoming a global fitness experience. As Jungshin founder Kahn says in her company's mission statement, "We believe that everyone has a warrior within. We honor our sacred ancestors and learn from the wisdom of those who moved before us. We invite you into the world of swords, alignment and cutting-edge health."

Jungshin Fitness - Instructor & Master Training  2018

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