Deuser Sports


Einfach fit - simply fit

For more than 100 years Deuser Sports has been the leading company for fitness equipment innovations with production in Germany, Solingen and has launched a new era of fitness equipment with the invention of the first expander and its patent application in 1903. Today one speaks of "smallest mobile home fitness gym in the world".

The company also owns the brand "Silverton", which is well-known in the professional weight training- and fitness glove sector, especially in sports retail business.

History: 1964 DEUSERBAND
Market introduction of the famous DEUSERBAND. Name giver for this product is the sports physiotherapist ERICH DEUSER.
Erich Deuser, was experienced Masseur and coach of German and international top athlets at several Olympic Games and Football World Championships. He gained worldwide recognition inter alia, trough the Football World Championship1966 in England. Millions of TV spectators considered Erich Deuser always as supportive medical professional and consultant alongside the German National coach Helmut Schön. Erich Deuser died on 29.07.1993.

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