Choose the right Bo rod for your workout!

30.09.2019 19:09

Are you one of the thousand people in the world to train with a Bo Bar? It is a widely used sports equipment for karate learners and for good reason. Exercising with a Bo bar is good for the condition and definition of the upper body. Students can learn almost infinite techniques or tricks. Maybe you are not training with a Bo rod yet but want to learn it now. Then there is no better time than to start right now and learn a new martial art. Here are some important tips to get started with your Bo Stab training.

Choose your individual Bo rod

There are four major factors to keep in mind when choosing a Bo Wand. The factors are: length, weight / material, appearance and how you want to use the wand.

Length: As a general rule, if you are standing straight, your Bo bar should be about the same height as you. For creative competitions, you should have the Bo a little shorter.

Material/Weight: Heavy Bo bars are great for traditional or strength training. These are mostly hardwood, like oak, and are designed for use in combat. Use these bars only with instructions from your martial arts teacher. Then there are still light Bo rods, these are usually made of white lotus wood, bamboo or even graphite.

Appearance: Many people who train with Bo rods also use them in competitions. In addition to the length you pay attention to the appearance of your Bo rod. Many competition Bo sticks have a design that attracts attention. The Jackson Rudolph Signature Bo Staff and the Jackson Rudolph Professional Bo Staff are rods that Jackson Rudolph uses in his competitions. Always use a Bo Stab shell so you can transport your Bo safely.

Use: The use is determined by a combination of other factors. Do you want a Bo rod for sports competitions, then you want to have a light and shorter Bo rod that is easy to handle. For training and traditional competitions, it is advisable to use a heavier and longer rod.

For sparring: A very important thing is the live sparring. If you are using your Bo Staff for full training and strikes for partner training, then you should not use a wooden or graphite bo rod. Instead, use a padded bo bar like the ActionFlex or Fo Bo.

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