Black Belt Magazine - Available now

14.12.2018 13:38

You have been looking for a magazine that is about your hobby, your passion, your sport? You always want to get the latest martial arts news and related articles on self-defense and all connect, but you're missing a reliable, exciting resource made up of people sharing, living and loving your passion? The original Blackbelt magazine from the USA made from martial artists, is now available in our shop! Imported from the USA, the center of the current martial arts boom and published by Century Martial Arts, the American market leader in martial arts equipment, we now offer the Black Belt Magazine in Germany and Europe to you as Century Europe and Maximum Martial Arts. In this English-language magazine you will find everything the knowledge-thirsty fighter heart desires!

At CENTURY the home of Black Belt magazine, martial arts is more than just a sport, it's lifestyle, it's a passion, and that's why Black Belt magazine offers not only news but also series of pictures with effective and innovative techniques to expand your repertoire! In addition to exciting reports on the latest martial arts events and the various martial arts, you will get interesting insights into the life and training of the grandmasters of our time and those who want to be! Use the drills to improve your training program efficiently and of course receive information about the latest martial arts products.

All this researched and produced in just one single magazine with the same dedication that you put into your training! Have we piqued your interest? With us you have no obligation to subscribe, visit our shop on, and ensure the latest issue and are therefore always one step ahead!
You have a school, a dojo, a gym and you would like to buy and sell this magazine in larger numbers for your students/members with a margin for you? No problem - contact us and become a martial arts reseller (note the price of the EIA/RRP).

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