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MArtial Arts Supershow EUROPE 2018


The MA SuperShow Speakers and Experts have built a variety of professional backgrounds,

built their businesses step by step and share their insights with you.

Lauren Edmunds


Get your Stretch on… with KickChick



More about Lauren Edmunds

Lauren has been doing martial arts for 18 years mainly Taekwondo, starting at the age of 5 with her sister who was 3. She fell in love with the art straight away and earnt her black belt at the age of 9, making her the youngest black belt in her organization. She then went on to earn her 2nd degree at the age of 13 & her 3rd at age of 17, making her the youngest 3rd degree. Along the way Lauren has collected many titles including 3x world titles & various British, English, Scottish, Welsh, European & regional titles. At the age of 14 she joined forces with her two younger sisters Sian & Lara who are also black belts, creating a martial arts trio “The Edmunds Sistas”. They appeared at many different events throughout the UK, after many successful years performing they have all decided to take a break & work on personal goals. Since taking a step back from performing she has now focused on handing over her knowledge to students at her seminars, meeting & giving advice.


On the Martial Arts SuperShow Europe she will do a seminar called “Get your Stretch on… with KickChick”, a workshop based on stretching and kicking/Leg conditioning. Beside that she will talk about Martial Arts on social media, will spend time with you on questions & answers and will pose with you for pictures. BUT, in addition to that she is our referee for the “KickChick Challenge” and ambassador for one of our for SuperShow claims: “Be Martial Arts, be Sexy” – a campaign to encourage young female martial artist not to hide, but to live the beauty of being “girly” in a Gi. The KickChick Challenge will have an own award category on the Show and Lauren Edmunds will be the main referee for this Live-Award on the show. Please get in contact with Lauren on Instagram/Facebook to know more about the Challenge and the award and price itself, for sure on our SuperShow page and Facebook Channel as well – everybody can be part of it!


Kenneth Fjeld


United Fighting Arts Federation™

Chuck Norris SYSTEM



More about Kenneth Fjeld

A new speaker from Norway – Kenneth Fjeld is representing the UFAF in Europe on our show!

Get on the mat with Kenneth and talk with him about your UFAF membership.


The Martial Arts SuperShow Europe is proud to become “European” more and more – This new speaker comes the long way from Norway to work with you upon the UFAF school programs. Kenneth Fjeld has been training Martial Arts for 32 years in a row and have had a few different teachers over the years. He started off his career with Shotokan Karate and Ryukyu Kobujutsu and achieved his first Black Belt in Shotokan when he was 16 years old. Today with 43 years he has Black Belts and/or certifications in many different Martial Arts.

He is currently a 4th degree Black Belt in the Chuck Norris System, working on his 5th degree to achieve this summer. He has received invitation to receive his Masters degree (5th) in Chuck Norris System this coming July.


Besides that he is a Black Belt in Shotokan and has a Purple belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu (working on his brown). Beside these belts he has a lot of certifications:


Level 3, UFAF Krav Maga Force, working towards his 4th level (out of 5).

Pambuan Arnis certified instructor in Knife, stick, double stick, empty hand and stick sparring.

Certified instructor of Professor John Wills Alpha MMA program.

Certified instructor of Combat Kuntao under Grandmaster Samuel Scott.

His instructors and mentors are currently:


Grandmaster Chuck Norris

Professor John Bernard Will - Will/Machado BJJ

Grandmaster Samuel Scott - Combat Kuntao

Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan - Pambuan Arnis

Shihan Richard Norton - ZenDoKai

Laurian Lapadato - Krav Maga Force

Through his training he has also been involved with Norwegian television series and international movies, as a martial arts advisor on the set.

The European headquarter of UFAF is in Norway, approx. 45 minutes outside Oslo, where seminars can be made – but Dortmund in Germany will give you the chance on the Show.

Kenneth Fjeld is excited to have you at the UFAF booth and on the mat.


Christian Kocura


Martial Arts &



More about Christian Kocura

Our exhibitor global office, which ia. by the DFV (German Franchise Association) has been named the best young DFV franchise system of the last 5 years, is represented on stage by Christian Kocura.


The 40-year-old, Dipl. Kfm (FH), has 20 years of professional experience with a focus on consulting and sales. As a sports enthusiast and former martial artist (Teak-Kwon-Do / Green belt), father of 3 children, who are training kids kung fu and wing tsun, is more than happy to present an important topic such as telemarketing, inbound, etc. for martial arts entrepreneurs.

"My passion is to work with people. I manage to quickly win people over and build a bond of trust. My strengths are a very quick comprehension and a strong ability to criticize. In martial arts I particularly like the community in the group, the learning of techniques and the mental development through training ", explains Christian Kocura.

Together with Torsten Röcher, he is partner of global office Cologne and expert in communication.

"Our dialogue solution turns every call into a conversation. From experience we know that the concerns of customers can only be comprehensively answered in one conversation. Waiting loops, answering machines or even busy signs often scare off customers and bring the competition into the game completely unnecessarily. We accept calls and create sales and customer satisfaction. Your customers are the focus of our actions.

Whether martial arts school or car dealership, online shop or service provider: Bookings, reservations or purchases work when the customer can immediately put into action his request. Diseased employees, missing staff or current courses are so fast to the showstopper.

We show you the volume of calls and thus enable employees to be used efficiently.

Our detailed documentation of the conversations provides you with additional knowledge about the wishes of your customers. "- You can find out about this and more at the Martial Art SuperShow through global office on stage and at their booth.

Do not miss the opportunity to seek advice from professionals and take your martial arts / school to the next level.


Toni Dietl





More about Toni Dietl

Many out there present themselves as gurus. They are up there and have the knowledge and their followers are down and wanting something from their knowledge. I do not think that's fundamentally wrong, but it's not my understanding. I am not perfect, my techniques and my dojos are not perfect. I am a learner, I learn a lot from my companions. And that is reflected in our community again. We are all learners and teachers at the same time, including those who work as principals. I am only the one who initiated the Martial Arts Kolleg and keeps it together. I want to show you how other people and I see and practice martial arts, and get back more contentment in their lives.


Marco Gatzsch





More about Marco Gatzsch

The graduate businessman Marco Gatzsch is an expert in the management of martial arts schools and is in charge of the management software MATOOL.


Marco Gatzsch introduces the essential functions of MATOOL® and works together with the seminar participants on the most important business processes of a professional martial arts school. Especially new features from 2017 and 2018 are shown in detail. In the seminar, the numerous opportunities to increase sales with MATOOL® are in the foreground. The products "MATOOL Backoffice" and "MATOOL Callcenter" will also be presented.


László Gömbös


Be more

be a champion


More About László Gömbös

The 6-time WAKO World Pointing Champion will not only attend the legendary Gold Party, but also attend a seminar on the MASSEU18 mat!






More about Annika Kahn

Annika Kahn is the founder and designer of Jungshin Fitness®, a sword-oriented fitness training based on multidirectional momentum training.


She is an international presenter and has extensive background in athletic conditioning and sports performance. Her training in the Korean Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won has awarded her four world grand champions and the rank of fourth degree black belt. The Jungshin Fitness® workout has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX news, and in Shape, Martha Stewart's Whole Living, and Prevention magazines. 
Most recently, Annika has been developing and implementing Instructor Training Programs worldwide and leading corporate team-building events. Some of her clients include Google, Sales Force, and The Hatch Agency. Her clients comment that her programs and classes are playful and accessible while being challenging and transformative. Regardless of age or fitness ability, Annika has the capacity to meet you where you are at. Annika holds an MA in the Psychology of Movement, lives in San Francisco, and is passionate about the body/mind connection, which she integrates into every workout. You will enjoy her classes as she blends humor with ninja strength.
Jungshin Fitenss® is swordfocused group fitness is for everyone. This clip shows what a sword workout can look like, combining directional momentum training with lightly weighted loads to stimulate total body reaction for total body fat loss and muscle activation. The results from this sword focused group fitness workout will leave you with a 'martial arts' body that looks great and moves smoothly. That's the power of the jungshin sword focused group fitness workout!

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Annika Kahn on the SuperShow stage and her workout on the mat, which will be presented on the FIBO Global Fitness stage as well, to see how you can implant Jungshin Fitness in your school, dojo or gym as a new part for your students and clients.


Peter Keune





More about Keune & Partner

We offer our clients a comprehensive advice in tax issues, legal issues and economic issues. At the center of our work are our customers. We are only satisfied if you as our customer are.

Commitment, reliability, punctuality and correctness are our highest goals. We offer services that are individually tailored to our clients and their situation. Consultations off the shelf does not exist with us. Successful cooperation is based on a good relationship of trust between our clients and us. Every day, we want to justify and prove this confidence in us once again.


Alexander Leipold





More about Alexander Leipold

Alexander Leipold is one of the world's most successful wrestlers with his numerous world, European and German championship titles as well as the victory at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. In 2003, Alexander fell ill with a virus in a training camp in Uzbekistan. Due to the overreaction of his immune system, he suffered three strokes within a week, was paralyzed on one side, could no longer speak and hardly swallowed. Together with the doctors began here his hardest fight, the fight back to life. And that became his biggest victory. Within a year, he had recovered almost completely physically and was already back on the wrestler mat - and only thanks to his mental strength and stamina. He proved that he had returned to the top of the world in 2005 by winning the Masters title. After the time as an active competitive athlete, Alexander decided to expand his practical knowledge of sports theory and completed his studies as a certified trainer. From then on, his focus was on the education and training of the next generations of Ringer, which led in the final consequence to the fact that he took over in 2005 the office of the national coach of freestyle wrestlers (initially the youth, from 2009 the men) and into the year 2012 also successfully fulfilled. On 25.02.2013 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on the ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany for his performance as a sporty role model and his great honorary commitment. Alexander also cuts a fine figure on unfamiliar terrain, as he proved on the RTL show "Let's dance" in 2014, when he ventured on the mirror-smooth dance floor. Meanwhile, he is a well-frequented speaker and motivator with his theme "who does not fight, has already lost - believe in you." As well as at events as an ambassador of the "Foundation German Stroke Help" and as part of its participation in team building and coaching Program "Feel your limit". Experience this German exceptional athlete and let you be infected by his combative commitment and determination for your business in his presentation and climb with him on the mat. For any wrestler, gym or dojo that has mixed martial arts in the program, his "Wrestling Drills for MMA" is a must. We are proud that our brand ambassador Alexander Leipold is there. A few days ago on ZDF in the election for the Sportsman of the Year 2017 - in August 2018 in Dortmund, Westfalenhallen.






More about Ricardo Liborio

Ricardo Liborio - the former head coach and co-founder of American Top Team (ATT) and Brazilian Top Team (BTT) will rock the mat in his awesome seminars and will talk about new Curriculums for BJJ/MMA and his life for martial arts.

A legend and true ambassador for martial arts returns to Germany/Europe:
According to “Fight! magazine's most recent Power 20", which profiles the twenty "most significant power players, movers, shakers, ambassadors, and game-changers in MMA," Liborio is currently ranked within.

He was nominated as "Coach of the Year" for the Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Awards in 2009.

His introduction to combat sports began at the age of 4, when he began studying Judo. He later took up tae kwon do and boxing. At 14, he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Carlson Gracie academy in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, which produced black belts such as Vitor Belfort, André Pederneiras, Walid Ismail, Mario Sperry and Ricardo de la Riva.
Ricardo Liborio received his black belt from Carlson Gracie in 1993 at the age of 26.

Ricardo Liborio co-founded Brazilian Top Team in collaboration with three other Carlson Gracie students, Murilo Bustamante, Luis Duarte, and Mario Sperry.
In 2001 Ricardo was approached by American businessman and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, Dan Lambert. Dan recruited Ricardo, and together they formed a partnership, which would become American Top Team.
He had his own MMA debut against renowned Ikuhisa Minowa for Japanese promotion Deep the same year.
ADCC Superfight – 2015:
On August 29, 2015, Ricardo Liborio fought former Carlson Gracie teammate, Mario Sperry, in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship "Superfight." After 20 minutes and two overtime periods, the referees awarded the decision to Ricardo Liborio.
When it comes to international high-class MMA fighters, everyone knows, or trains with Ricardo Liborio.

These only some of the wins/awards Ricardo made in his life:
* Three time Brazilian National Champion.
* Copy Campany Champion (3 times).
* IBJJF World Champion 1996.
* 2nd Abu Dhabi Submission Tournament 2000.
* 3rd Abu Dhabi Submission Tournament 1999.
* NAGA Coach of the year in 2005 and inducted into the NAGA Grappling Hall of Fame.
* ADCC 2015 Superfight Champion masters def Mario Sperry.
* National Coach for USA Grappling.




Deuser Fitness for

martial arts


More about Dirk Mähler

Professional education:

Studied at the DSHS Cologne 1983-1994

Degree diploma sports teacher

Coach A-lense Judo / 5 DAN Judo

since 1979 teaching in judo and fitness

1983 Opening of the own fitness studio

1992 Founding of the association Budo and Fitness Centrum

1995 Relocation and extensi


Sport Career:

Since 1975 Judo competitive sport

Multiple placings on West German and German championships

12 years Judo National League

Judo National Team



Instruction in the field of judo (children and adults)

Aerobic / spine gymnastics / back fitness etc.

Since 1983 annual stays for further education in the USA.

Co-author and co-editor of a book and several DVDs on weight training.

Guest lecturer at the German Sport University in Cologne.


His thesis issue:

"The Problem of Defining Quality Characteristics for Gyms from a Sporting and Economic Perspective"


Klaus Nonnemacher





More about Klaus Nonnemacher

The Martial Art SuperShow welcomes Klaus Nonnemacher and the WKU as speaker and exhibitors!

Professional competition on an international level, competition preparation from the perspective of Martial Arts Professionals for Pros and those who want to become one, is a big topic of Klaus Nonnemacher, whom we welcome at the Martial Arts SuperShow 18 in Dortmund.
Klaus Nonnemacher, who founded the WKU "World Kickboxing Union" in 2012 after his WKA presidency, is decorated with many World and European Champion titles and has strongly influenced competion kickboxing in recent years. Champions like Regina Halmich, Christine Theiss or Michael Smolik were accompanied on their way through Klaus Nonnemacher and together with the Steko family he established professional kickboxing on SAT 1 in TV.

The WKU welcomes its members and all martial arts enthusiasts on its own WKU booth in the exhibition area of the MA SuperShow, and Klaus Nonnemacher will give a perspective on stage on the subject of professional competition for martial arts schools.


Jürgen Schultz


Labor law for martial arts schools - practical!


More about Jürgen Schultz

You have a school, you have employees, part-time workers, mini-jobbers? Labor law is complex, but feasible - Our specialist lawyer Jürgen Schultz speaks about the important and everyday questions from a practical point of view - Be part of this talk.


Together with Sascha de Vries, Jürgen Schultz will be talking about topics that are of interest to all, who are and will be responsible for employees, and would like to answer your questions in a discussion round.


Here we would like to introduce our speaker to you:


After his middle maturity Jürgen Schultz had made the training in the middle judicial service with the district court Ahlen. After military service, he visited the evening grammar school in Hamm in addition to the daily work at the prosecutor Hagen and Münster three and a half years. Then he studied law at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster. Then he made his legal traineeship at the Higher Regional Court Oldenburg. Since December 1987 he heads the labor and social law department of the Association of Transport Economics and Logistics NRW e. V., with meanwhile five lawyers.


His main areas of practice are all areas of employment law on the employer side, such as warning employers on dismissal protection processes before the Labor and Regional Labor Courts and the Federal Labor Court. In addition, he advises companies on problems with the works council, severely disabled employees or trainees.

His clients also receive assistance in drafting warnings, terminations, service instructions, company agreements, etc.


He also works for the lawyer group Humbert. This law office deals with all legal issues that do not belong to the area of employment law. These include for example the recovery of outstanding bills, representation in traffic matters (red light violation, driving at excessive speed, violation of provisions of the working time law, etc.).


Lawyer Jürgen Schultz is available at the SuperShow at the information desk for questions and answers.


Frank Silverman


Business is Business: Passion & Profit

in the Martial Arts Industry


More about Frank Silverman

Our international Top-Speaker and Executive Director of the MAIA, the world’s largest Martial Arts Industry Association.
His duties as executive director are to help the thousands of Martial Arts schools grow, become more profitable and enhance the quality of the arts and instruction. In addition to this he owns and operates 10 Martial Arts Schools in Orlando, Florida and additionally licenses the Championship Martial Arts name to another 15 schools throughout the United States.
Together with our German MAIA speakers Toni Dietl and Sascha De Vries he will let you know about MAIA network, recent business topics and future trends of the Martial Arts Industry and school life.


Michael Smolik





More about Michael Smolik

Michael Smolik was already trained at the age of three years with his brother by his father. From the age of five, he began training in Taekwondo. After switching to kickboxing, he was able to win his first world title as an amateur in World Kickboxing and Karate Union in Orlando in 2012. After further World Cup victories as an amateur in light contact, full contact and K-1 Rules, he won in September 2014 his first professional fight after just a few seconds by knockout.


Since the beginning of 2015, Smolik has been trained by Pavlica and Mladen Steko in Munich. Since his employer did not want to approve kickboxing because of the risk of injury as a side job, Michael Smolik gave up his job as a policeman on March 1, 2016. On September 10, 2016, he was able to win by knockout of Luca Panto in the first round of his first world title in the super heavyweight among the pros. Due to his spectacular knockout victories in just a few seconds and his offensive fighting style, Smolik wears the fighter name Flying Badboy and Die K.O-Maschine. He holds the world record for the fastest KO. His record is three seconds. In his fight on 1 July 2017 in the Munich Zenith Hall, he needed 45 seconds for the knockout victory.


In addition to his work as a fighter, Michael Smolik trains young talents and is committed to social projects. He also participates in the series "Die Ruhrpottwache".





Deuser Fitness for

martial arts


More about Marcus Temming

Professional education:

Studied at the DSHS Cologne 1983-1994 with degree as qualified sports teacher

Coach A-License Judo / 5 DAN Judo

since 1979 teaching in Judo and Fitness

1983 Opening of the own fitness studio

1995 Relocation and extension of the Fitness Centrum TM


Sport Career:

Since 1971 Judo competitive sport

Multiple placements at German and international championships

12 years Judo National League

Judo National Team



Education in the field of judo (children and adults)

Aerobic / Spine gymnastics / Back fitness etc. Since 1983 annual trips for further education in the USA. Co-author and co-editor of a book and several DVDs on weight training. Lecturer at the Trainer Academy Cologne.

During his trips in the USA and his Bodybuilding experience he trained with sportsman like Arnold Schwarzenegger and other well know artists.


His thesis issue:

"Sports development in the fitness field after the area of aerobics under critical consideration sports science and economic aspects using the example of Fitness Centrum Solingen"


Sascha De Vries


It does not work?

Do not exist!


More about Sascha de Vries

Sascha de Vries (41) is certainly the most successful martial arts school director in the German-speaking area. And the first German headmaster who was invited to America to speak there as a lecturer / speaker at congresses and to introduce the American experts, how he managed to make his karate professional sports schools so successful. So far this has always been the opposite case, and American martial arts giants came to Germany so we could learn from them. Europe is catching up, not least thanks to people like multi - school owner Sascha de Vries:


Several thousands of students

Million euros of annual turnover

In several cities

40 employees / 30 in full time

Own transport fleet

Internal marketing department

IHK / approved apprenticing company

Tertiary education company


A considerable entrepreneurial achievement that is second to none. Yet he had no commercial knowledge at the beginning. It all began about 30 years ago with a passion for martial arts. 5th Dan in Kempo Karate more black belts in kung fu and kickboxing. He earned his state-recognized military and police training instructor license during a 12-year service in a unit specializing in military police. There he served directly at the official residence of the Federal Ministry of Defense.

There was hardly a weekend during his competition time that he did not spend at a tournament or seminar. Later, he even hosted big successful tournaments. A sought-after lecturer for nunchaku and Tonfa, he was already considered a weapons expert. Not without justification, he was twice world champion with the weapon. As the largest training company in the industry, you can even learn the following professions in the KF:


Sport experts

Sports and fitness merchants

Office management assistance

Media designer print / digital

Service specialist for dialogue marketing

Merchants for dialogue marketing

Merchants for E-Commerce


Dual curriculum/studies fitness economics

Dual curriculum/studies fitness science

Dual curriculum/studies sports management

Dual curriculum/studies health management

Dual curriculum/studies (marketing) communication and media management


An expert in the field of vocational education and study courses for martial arts schools and public funding.


He even started his own children’s coaching academy, the DFK, to train his teachers and the teachers of martial arts schools nationwide for the training of kindergarten children. No wonder because in the karate professional schools train alone to 700 Lil Dragons in kindergarten age. No school teaches more Lil Dragon.


“I cannot stand it when passionate martial artists, European champions, world champions of their field fail with their dream of their own school.


This has to be changed! For this there is the MA SuperShow, which I organize together with Toni and Markus and which now also contains the new MAIA Germany, consulting and training by martial arts school directors for martial arts school heads (or those who want to become ) “ said Sascha de Vries.